Impact and Testimonials

Impact and Testimonials

Our Granite Leaders believe in the leadership program model, and understand that their voices, stories, and experiences have profound impact on improving the response to homelessness. Here are testimonials from some of our Granite Leaders on why the program is important to them:

Lenny, one of our 2013-2014 Granite Leaders, sat down with us after one of our sessions and provided his thoughts on why he became a Granite Leader.


“…I was working the phones at WZID for the RadioThon for Child & Family Services to raise money for the kids in their program…former Governor John Lynch came into the station and sits next to me and I told him I went to the State House yesterday. I said I went on a tour. I told him I’m involved with a new program called ‘The Granite’ and before I could finish my sentence he said ‘Oh, you’re doing the Granite Leadership program? That’s awesome!’ I showed him my picture of the Senate Chambers and told him someday I’ll be standing there as Senator Simonds and I’ll make sure to advocate for the people that don’t feel their voices matter…”

-Chrissy Simonds, ’13-’14 Granite Leader

“We all had such a good time at the WMUR tour. The question and answer period with our media guests went much better and I appreciated the pointed questions that you asked. Great job!”

“Thank you for the opportunity to take part in this. It has already informed me in my work and will continue to contribute to my ability to advocate on all levels. Everyone, whether in advocacy or not, would benefit from these seminars.”

@NHCEH Thank U 4 putting together the Granite Leadership Program. I left feeling very empowered! The speakers were amazing.”

“This was amazing. Listening to the speakers speak & hearing them give us some tips was great & the tour at WMUR was an amazing experience.”

“Hopefully there will be funding to do another Granite Leader training this year. I’d like to see one of the graduates from the the 1st training come to let them all know they made a great choice and how they can use some of their training back home. I’m 1/2 way into this training and have learned much more than I anticipated. Thank you to all at New Hampshire Coalition to End Homelessness!”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the whole session. Of particular interest to me was the 3 person panel and what they had to say about the ‘dos and don’ts’ of how to get a letter, op-ed piece etc. looked at and hopefully printed. Looking forward to the next session!”

“Being a Granite Leader has given my voice meaningful sound and through advocacy and telling my story I found purpose.”

“I have used the knowledge I learned from the Granite Leaders Program by writing an editorial for a newspaper. I learned how to answer questions for an interview for a newspaper article. I learned how to speak in a public forum.”

“Being a Granite Leader gave me an opportunity to hone my grassroots organizing skills; learn and demonstrate new skills to be a voice of the community who experienced homelessness and work to promote positive changes in addressing chronic homelessness. Moreover, I became a better self -advocate in all areas of my life, whether it be with Social Security Administration or the Veterans Administration for lack of quality care, I am better equipped to advocate for my needs that I earned as a soldier and civilian despite my mental illness.”

The Impact

Granite Leaders make astonishing impacts on issues pertinent to their lives. By utilizing what they learn and experience through an educational program, our Granite Leaders have had their voices heard on a wide range of issues and in a number of different ways.

One Granite Leader was featured on NH Chronicle, discussing the role the seacoast’s mobile community health team plays in saving the lives of those who are experiencing homelessness or at-risk of homelessness.

One Granite Leader was an in-studio guest on NH Public Radio’s featured showThe Exchange, discussing how his experience with homelessness impacted his life.

Some Granite leaders have testified at NH Legislative hearings.

Other Granite Leaders have been panelist at national and local conferences for educating a variety of providers and stakeholders.

Granite Leaders represent and volunteer on multiple non-profit boards and committees.

Help people with lived experience with homelessness build and refine the skills they need to become Granite Leaders.