To empower people to advocate for the homeless.

Public policies have a profound impact on systems of care, including housing and homeless services. Policymakers in NH are asked to make significant decisions on a variety of different issues, each issue competing for attention. To yield positive outcomes through public policy, policymakers must be sufficiently informed on all aspects of the issues at hand. The NH Coalition to End Homelessness supports policymakers by coordinating and disseminating crucial information on NH homeless issues. By collecting and studying data, coordinating with providers to streamline advocacy messaging, and empowering citizens to advocate for the homeless, the Coalition works to enact and maintain policies that have a positive impact on homeless and other vulnerable populations in NH. The NHCEH also organizes provider forums and facilitates leadership training for people with lived experience as additional ways to support advocacy on homelessness in New Hampshire.

Community Building

The NH Coalition to End Homelessness organizes state-wide and regional provider forums for the purpose of building network, sharing resources and expertise, and enhancing the coordinated response to homelessness in our communities and state. Previous forums have identified areas of need and generated task-forces dedicated to strategizing solutions for these relevant areas of focus. A recent forum identified the need for consistent and clear messaging as to the causes of homelessness and the solutions to end homelessness. Learn more about this forum developed messaging tool and about the causes and consequences of homelessness in New Hampshire and what you can do to help end it here: