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Thank you for your interest in becoming a sponsor! We are currently soliciting sponsors for our Granite Leaders program

Granite Leaders and its participants cannot be successful without the generosity of others.  Your help makes a tremendous difference.  Sponsorship opportunities come in a variety of levels.

If you are ready to become a sponsor, you can get started by either:

Understanding the Issue

Homelessness and its tangential issues affect the lives of many across the state, as well as across the nation. Data reported in our 2013 issue on the state of homelessness in New Hampshire illustrates how homelessness still needs the attention of all New Hampshire citizens. For instance, the report detailed that:

These are just a few of the reasons why we believe it is essential to build the leadership skills within the homeless and formerly homeless community.

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Sponsorship Levels & Marketing Benefits

We offer several different ways to support Granite Leaders.  You can sponsor a participant to ensure their successful graduation through the program, or you can sponsor one of our training sessions, or you can sponsor our graduation event.  By sponsoring Granite Leaders, your company will be provided high quality marketing opportunities, which are detailed below.

Participant Sponsorships ($400)

Participant sponsors support a participant as they complete the six-month program.  Sponsorships support transportation for program participants to each training session and other networking events, as well as a financial award provided to successful graduates of the program.  See the marketing benefits >>

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Full Day Session Sponsorships ($600)

Full day session sponsorships support a specific educational session for all participants. Full day session sponsors may choose one or more of the following six sessions:*

See the marketing benefits >>

*Please note: Training topics are subject to change.

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Graduation Sponsor ($1,000)

This unique sponsorship opportunity will allow your company to be a part of the special graduation ceremony that will recognize the accomplishments and potential of the new class of program graduates.  See the marketing benefits >>

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Sponsorship Benefits

Each sponsorship level offered comes with a package of excellent marketing benefits for your company.  By effectively harnessing marketing mediums, such as social media, print, and email, Granite Leaders offers companies recognition within New Hampshire’s nonprofit and philanthropic communities.  Sponsorship levels have a limited number of slots available, so be sure to get your sponsorship form in today!

$400 Participant Sponsorships* (limit 15)

*Please note: You may opt to co-sponsor a participant at $200 with another sponsor.

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$600 Full Day Session Sponsorships* (limit 6)

*Please note: You may opt to co-sponsor a session at $300 with another sponsor.

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$1,000 Graduation Sponsorship (limit 1)

To guarantee placement on program collateral materials, your sponsorship, contribution and logo must be received by EOB September 1, 2014. Please send your logo as a high resolution JPG or an EPS file to

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Join us in impacting the lives of citizens across the granite state. You can make a difference by filling out a sponsorship form today!

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