Report: Homelessness In N.H. Down 4 Percent In 2012

MANCHESTER – New Hampshire’s homeless population is down by 4 percent this year.

The data is included in a report released Thursday by the New Hampshire Coalition to End Homelessness.

Director Cathy Kuhn says the slight drop is good news, particularly after an 11 percent increase from 2010 to 2011.

But big picture, Kuhn says the issues isn’t going away.

Over the past two years, the number of homeless people increased in seven of the state’s 10 counties.

“One of the perhaps most astonishing or shocking findings is the huge increase in people who are living on the streets or in other places not meant for human habitation. That’s increased 43 percent in the last two years.”

Much of the data in the report is based on a point-in-time count conducted during a 24-hour period in January.

Kuhn says she is also concerned about the number of families who are homeless. The report shows that 45 percent of people who are homeless include families with children.

Kuhn says there is still a need for additional programs for the homeless, especially when it comes to affordable housing.